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1 4D printing of Nitinol shape-memory actuators made by SLM additive manufacturing P. Didier, P. Lohmuller, F. Fouch?, A. Makaya, J. Sicre, P. Laheurte2021:Online 0
2 A gas bearing reaction wheel supplied by ultrasonic pumps S. Heindel, F. Liebold, L. Sander2021:Online 0
3 Actuated Cover Door with Emergency Opening Function for Space Telescopes Tharek Mohtar, Alessandro Bursi, Andrea Galbiati, Matteo Spinelli2021:Online 0
4 Advanced Space Mechanisms Design using Additive Layer Manufacturing Antje Deckert, J?rg Eckler, Heiko Jahn, Sebastian Scheiding2021:Online 0
5 ARIEL M2M Actuator de-risking activity Aiala Artiagoitia, Carlos Compostizo, Jameson Barlow, Mike Anderson, Paolo Zaltron2021:Online 0
6 Contactless Medium Accuracy Absolute Position Sensor A. Bolognini, N. Scheidegger, V. Dvorak2021:Online 0
7 COOLER : A louvered, passive radiator for CubeSats Peter Spanoudakis, David Novo, Florent Cosandier, Philippe Schwab, Antoine Ummel, Georgia Psoni, Dimitrios Rellakis, Robert Struijs , Florian Fouch?, Daithi de Faoite2021:Online 0
8 CSEM MicroVibration platform description and characterization E. Onillon, T. Adam, G. Borque Gallego, and E. Klauser2021:Online 0
9 DEAR ? Providing a Dusty Environment for Planetary Exploration Robotics Testing T. Tattusch, J. Wieser, A. M?ller, C. Bergemann Mecucci, S. Senese, V. B?hm, L. Jalba, C. Schwarz2021:Online 0
10 Design and environmental testing of the DFKI-X Robotics Joint for space applications Niklas. A. Mulsow, Roland U. Sonsalla, Patrick Schoberl, Tobias Stark and Frank Kirchner2021:Online 0
11 Design and Integration of a Deployable Antenna Wing Assembly Edward A. Boesiger, Garrett Cullen, Will Johnston2021:Online 0
12 Design and Manufacturing Considerations for Modified Involute Gearing Jonathan P. Wood, Gavin New2021:Online 0
13 Design and Qualification of the METimage Solar Calibration Device LOMMATZSCH, Mario, JAGO, Armin, LANGENBACH, Harald2021:Online 0
14 Micro-Vibrations Isolation: Lessons Learned and Design recommendations Tony DEMERVILLE2021:Online 0
15 Design of a novel Separation Mechanism for high-power model Rockets. Erik Uythoven, Pierre-Alain M?usli, C?sar Toussaint, Mathieu Udriot, Jean-Paul Kneib2021:Online 0
16 Design, Development and Qualification of the Filter Wheel Assembly (FWA) of the ASPIICS Instrument for ESA PROBA-3 Mission Jacek Musial, Konrad Aleksiejuk, Jedrzej Baran, Tomasz Barcinski, Adam Dacko, Tomasz Kowalski, Miroslaw Rataj, Joseph Smith2021:Online 0
17 Development and qualification of a High-Temperature Shape Memory Alloys based Actuator for Hold Down and Release Mechanisms (HDRM) F. Fouch?, F. Leproux, M. Leverd, J. Sicre2021:Online 0
18 Development of a compact Payload Mechanism enabling continuous motorized Sensor Head rotation and Signal Transfer Matthias Noeker, Emiel Van Ransbeeck, ?zg?r Karatekin and Birgit Ritter2021:Online 0
19 Development of a high performance Microvibration Isolation System Emilia Wegrzyn, Alessandro Stabile, Guglielmo S. Aglietti, Guy Richardson, Peter Spanoudakis, Florent Cosandier, Philippe Schwab, Geert Smet2021:Online 0
20 Development of a Modular Product Line of Rotery Actuators for European Space Mechanisms J. Anders, JB. Mondier2021:Online 0
21 Development of Thruster Pointing Mechanisms for CubeSat & Small Satellite Applications Marcos D. Perez, Michel Poucet, Daniel D. Nascimento2021:Online 0
22 DTA10-105 Rotary Actuator Development Iker Sainz, Aitor Isturiz, Ander Pereda, Pablo Riera, Jon Pe?a2021:Online 0
23 Emirates Lunar Rover Navigation Camera Mast and Gimbal Gorka Gonzalez, Amna Khalifa2021:Online 0
24 Evolution of the ExoMars Sample Crushing Unit from Breadboard to Flight Model Daniel Redlich, Robert Paul, Tim Tattusch, Christiane Bergemann, Samuel Senese, Fabio Musso, Stephen Durrant2021:Online 0
25 Front Door Assembly development for Coronagraph instrument onboard ESA?s Proba3 mission Matej Stejskal, Vladim?r D?niel, Radek Perest?, Joseph Smith2021:Online 0
26 HF-VHF CTDA Design Development Iker Gabiola, I?aki Gila, Jon Guerra2021:Online 0
27 Hybrid Lubrication as a Practical Candidate for Space Mechanism Applications R. Bingley, M. Buttery, G. Kelly, A. Kent & A. Vortselas2021:Online 0
28 IASI-NG Dual Swing Mechanism Development Adrien Moraine, Thierry Blais, Ga?l Bonelli, Laurent Cadiergues, Pascal Guay, Alain Gossant, L?o Novelli2021:Online 0
29 iDRILL ? An Instrumented Drill for Lunar Volatile Prospecting T. Tattusch, J. Biswas, S. Sheridan, M. Reganaz, P. Bruno, D. Felbach, C. Gscheidle, A. Morse, S. Netter, I. Pacelli, A. Palermo, G. Prei?ler, R. Sch?ggl, H. Sargeant, C. Bergemann, S. Senese, A. J. Ball, P. Reiss2021:Online 0
30 JANUS Filter Wheel Module Cristina Paredero, Alberto Lopez2021:Online 0
31 Large Angle Flexure Pivot development and test campaign results Peter Spanoudakis, Lionel Kiener, Florent Cosandier, Daniel Grivon, Philippe Schwab, Nabil Bencheikh2021:Online 0
32 Lesson Learned on the development of a self-deployable VHF Antenna for Nano Satellite G. Lubrano , J. Helbert, X. Francois, M. Albinet2021:Online 0
33 Lessons Learnt from lubricants? testing at ESTEC Materials? Laboratories Malgorzata Holynska, Sarah Rodriguez-Castillo, Orcun Ergincan, Bruno Bras, Claudia Allegranza, Riccardo Rampini2021:Online 0
34 Low-cost low resolution contactless Position Sensor Development Sebastian Brunner, Felix Gade2021:Online 0
35 Magnetic Brake for Driving Units for Applications in Space Environments Gregor Puchhammer, Hubert Mitterhofer, Karlo Radman, Roland Holzbauer, Marc Schuster, Asier Martinez2021:Online 0
36 Design and Testing of a Novel Miniaturised Sealed Tether-Recoil Mechanism for The Nanokhod Microrover Moritz Gewehr, Andreas Schneider, Josef Dalcolmo, Sabine Klinkner2021:Online 0
37 Miniaturised Stepper Motor for Space Applications Simon Hayoz, Luc Blecha, Sandro Liberatoscioli, Fabrice Rottmeier, Thomas W?rgler, Majid Charif, Asier Martinez2021:Online 0
38 NELS HDRS Qualification Results and Lesson Learnt F. Creatini, J. Augustijn2021:Online 0
39 New Lubrication concept to successfully run mechanisms at low temperatures (LowT3) A. Merstallinger, M. Schuster, A. Terribile, M. Schulke, S. Sonntag, P. Zaltron2021:Online 0
40 Preliminary Tests of Piezoelectric and Magnetic Fast Steering Mirrors P-FSM150S And M-FSM45 for Large Scale FSO Constellations G. Aigouy, A. Guignabert, E. Betsch, H. Grardel, P. Personnat, J.M Nwesaty, X. De-Lepine, A. Bedek, A. Baillus, N. Bourgeot, F. Claeyssen, R. Greger, P. Lombardi, A. Casciello2021:Online 0
41 PULSAR: Development of an AM flexure-based Tripod Mechanism for the fine positioning of segmented Telescope Mirror Tiles Florent Cosandier, Julien Rouvinet, Antoine Ummel, David Nguyen, Virginien Schaffter, Billy Nussbaumer2021:Online 0
42 Qualification of Resource Transfer mechanisms as part of International Berthing and Docking Mechanism ? Hard Capture System development Lukasz Poweska, Michal Sidz, Gabriel Ybarra2021:Online 0
43 Redesign, additive manufacturing and TRL7 validation testing of a space-compatible Slipring Rotor. Herv? Saudan, Lionel Kiener, David Novo, S?bastien Lani, Micka?l Miler, Damien Bilbeau, M?lanie Henry2021:Online 0
44 Secondary Mirror Fine Pointing and Alignment Mechanism for Cryogenic Telescope Applications Christian Neugebauer, Hannes Plank, Daniel Ruckser, Jarmila Suhajdova2021:Online 0
45 Software evaluation of Ball Bearing Performances (structural, tribology): comparison of numerical results obtained by five different engineers for the same set of input. Alain BLANC2021:Online 0
46 Study of Spacecraft Deployables Failures Alejandro Rivera, Alphonso Stewart2021:Online 0
47 Testing the impact dynamics of the LISA Pathfinder release mechanism D. Bortoluzzi , E. Dalla Ricca , D. Vignotto , W. J. Weber , and P. Sarra2021:Online 0
48 The Tribological Behaviours of New and Existing Self-Lubricating Materials for Space M. Buttery, A. Wade, A. Kent, A. Vortselas & A. Soutar2021:Online 0
49 Topology Optimization of Compliant Mechanism as a design method to improve hardware performance in Lunar dust environment. Dorota Budzyn, Hossein Zare-Behtash, Aidan Cowley, Andrea Cammarano2021:Online 0
50 Verification of the internal Hold-Down Mechanism for LUNA-27 Prospect Drill Column: Dedicated GSE Development Challenges and Lessons Learnt P. Brunne, M. Chirkowski, M. Gawin, K. Gawin, J. Grygorczuk, M. Tokarz, M. Fani, G. Meogrossi, C. Panza, A. Rusconi, R. Fisackerly, E. Koekkoek, E. C. Paul2021:Online 0
51 Lessons learned from Qualification Testing of a Potentiometer by Use of COTS?s Technology Kai Zajac, Jan Richter, Christoph Konczak, Daniele Surace2021:Online 0
52 IASI-NG Scan Mechanism: An innovative Architecture to improve Pointing Performances Julien GAVALDA, Audrey ALBERT-WENDLAND, Thierry BLAIS, L?o NOVELLI, Jacques SICRE2021:Online 0

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