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1 Optimal Design of a Semi-active Isolation Hexapod Platform V. Yotov, A. Stabile, G. Aglietti, G. Richardson, P. Spanoudakis, F. Cosandier, P. Schwab, E. Wegrzyn, G. De Zanet, G. Smet2023:Warsaw 0
2 EE9 FORUM Interferometer Mechanism Assembly: design and testing of a flight-like engineering model R. Alo, D. Redlich, M. Schneider, S. Senese, M. Lippa, E. Semmler, F. Vanin2023:Warsaw 0
3 The Importance of Low Level Random for Resonance Search in Space Mechanisms J. Zemann, A. Bolognini, S. Battige, R. Sgobbo, S. Patti2023:Warsaw 0
4 Lessons Learned from Evaluation and Mitigation of Space Charging Threat Due to Use of Isolated (Hybrid) Bearings on the PACE Ocean Color Instrument K. Bergandy , C.Hakun, J. Schepis, M. Matson, E. Martin, R. Meloy2023:Warsaw 0
5 Development of a Flight Demonstration Coarse Pointing Mechanism for GEO-Ground Optical Communication Terminal C. Berend, D. Blattes, L. Cadiergues, C. Heng, F. Tajan2023:Warsaw 0
6 Flex-Capsules for the Roman Space Telescope High Gain Antenna Gimbal K. Blumenstock, J. Niemeyer, J. Schepis, A. Souk, P. Taraschi, R. Judy, K. Lee, D. Richardson, C. Ventura, J. Penn2023:Warsaw 0
7 Modelling of Solar Array Wing Deployment Using a Hybrid Matlab/Simulink Approach and correlation with Measured Wing Performances H. Boross, P. Schmidheiny2023:Warsaw 0
8 CSEM Micro-Vibration Characterisation Facility ? Susceptibility to Received Accelerations G. Borque Gallego, E. Klauser, E. Onillon2023:Warsaw 0
9 Design, manufacturing, and testing of 3D printed compliant mechanisms for lunar equipment. D. Budzyn, A. Cowley, M.Ossowski, M. Siemaszko, H. Zare-Behtash, A. Cammarano2023:Warsaw 0
10 Application of Surface Functionalisation in Space Mechanisms M. Buttery, R. Bingley, K. Brittain, O. Poyntz-Wright, A. Vortselas, M. Talbot, S. Dittenhauser, V. Obrecht, S. Rieger, E. Ryszawa2023:Warsaw 0
11 Fretting Wear Anomaly of Final CubeSat Ejection Tests: expertise, solution testing, and lessons learned G. Colas, R. Petre-Bordenave, Y. Michel, P. Cornuault2023:Warsaw 0
12 ETHM (Electrical Thruster Mechanism) Development M. Favrel, G. Lubrano, O. Bardel, X. Francois2023:Warsaw 0
13 Development and qualification of an Ultra Flat, Self-resetting, Low-shock and lightweight hold and release actuator Fouche Florian, Forbach Fabien, J. Sicre2023:Warsaw 0
14 Novel Concepts for On-Ground Deployment Testing of Large Antenna Structures C. Freier, I. Moneva, S. Schwarz, V. Mutafov2023:Warsaw 0
15 SCM actuator, re-use lessons learnt A. Gossant, F. Biodi, A. Moraine, O. Ortiz-Casanova2023:Warsaw 0
16 Multiple Hold Down Separation Device for Dispensers (MSD) E. Grande, M. Angel Alen, J. Luis Mora, A. Mediero2023:Warsaw 0
17 Guidelines for Qualification and Space Application of New Fluid Lubricants A. Kent, S. Lewis, A. Blanc2023:Warsaw 0
18 Novel testing of fluid lubricants for Space applications at low temperatures A. Kent, R. Bingley, H. Renondeau, A. Vortselas, F. Romera2023:Warsaw 0
19 Slipring made by additive manufacturing: from redesign to validation test results L. Kiener, H. Saudan, D. Novo, G. Bernard, M. Miler2023:Warsaw 0
20 Design and development of a robotic gripper for capturing prepared and unprepared satellites L. Kozlowski, A. Lukasiak, P. Janusiak, M. Pawlowski, A. Lyczek, K. Cichorek2023:Warsaw 0
21 Hexapod Linear Actuator development for the ATHENA spacecraft J. Grygorczuk, B. Kedziora, T. Kucinski, K. Bochra, M. Bogonski, M. Chirkowski, K. Jarocki, M. Ossowski, B. Kunicka, H. Langenbach, I. Koker, U. Schafer, A. Schleicher2023:Warsaw 0
22 Extending Gearbox Life in Cryogenic Vacuum Environment by Applying Powder Lubrication to Strain Wave Gearing S. Kusabe, N. Kenmochi, K. Matsumoto, S. Obara, M. Otsuki. Y. Kiyosawa, M. Kobayashi, J. Kurogi, T. Akasaka2023:Warsaw 0
23 Tribological Performance of Gelled Oils for Space Mechanisms Lubrication M. Lambert, L. Rougeau, M. Petit, S. Carbillet, A. Pagnoux, J. Laporte, G. Colas, J. Sicre2023:Warsaw 0
24 Design Improvements of a 2-DoF Translational Flexible Joint for Flexible Compact Arrays (FCA) G. Lapoutre, J. de Hoog, M. Robroek, M. Kroon, G. Borst2023:Warsaw 0
25 Mathematic modelling, simulation, test and correlation of a capture before contact docking mechanism A. Lazaro, J. Vinals2023:Warsaw 0
26 Development and Qualification of the Eurostar Neo Solar Array Drive Mechanism J. Lurie2023:Warsaw 0
27 MoS2(Ti, W) Coatings as Surface Modification of Friction Pairs Operating in Vacuum and Dusty Lunar Atmosphere M. Makowka, K. Seweryn, P. Osica2023:Warsaw 0
28 Development of Dust Seal for Lunar Rover Using Mechanical Seal K. Matsumoto, S. Kusabe, N. Hashizume, N. Kenmochi, S. Obara, A. Nishiuchi, H. Kasahara, Y. Kiyosawa, J. Kurogi, Takuya Akasaka2023:Warsaw 0
29 Tribological and Bearing Performance of a New Variant of Cronidur X30 Steel with Improved Resistance to SCC M. Schuster, G. Mozdzen, A. Merstallinger, M. Jansson, S. Sonntag, B. Bergrath, J. Kreuser, A. Tesch2023:Warsaw 0
30 Cold Welding and Friction in Vacuum of Bulk Metallic Glass (BMG) Made by Powder Based Processes for Use in Space A. Merstallinger, L. Baca, N. Stelzer, Z. Kovacova, E. Neubauer, A. Toufine, A. Makaya2023:Warsaw 0
31 Active balancing system for the Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer (CIMR) instrument: system design and breadboarding results T. Mohtar, A. Moroni, A. Bursi, A. Galbiati, I. Pretto, M. Spinelli2023:Warsaw 0
32 MaD: A Lightweight & Cost-effective Telescopic Mast for Next Generations of Deployable Appendages A. Moraine, L. Bonnes, L. Bourrec, L. Boyer, P. Cau, A. Dollen, C. Durand, A. Fabregue, C. Faro, V. Loriaud, S. Orsingher, V. Pires, G. Pupille2023:Warsaw 0
33 Concept, Development and Breadboard Testing of Innovative Launch Adapter Ring Modular Gripper (LAR-MG) for Satellite Robotic Capture J. Musial, T. Kowalski, K. Aleksiejuk, A. Sikorski2023:Warsaw 0
34 Miniature Motorized Antenna for Low-Frequency Radar of the Hera-Juventas Mission D. Nolbert, M. Grzyb, K. Jarocki, J. Grygorczuk2023:Warsaw 0
35 Tape Deployment Mechanism for Spacecraft Deorbiting A. Ortega, A. Ruiz, E. Urgoiti, L. Tarabini2023:Warsaw 0
36 Miniature Piezo Fast Steering Mirrors (FSM) for Space Optical Communication in NanoSats and CubeSats T. Payre, S. Chardon, M. Thomachot, H. Grardel, Y. Quentel, G. Aigouy, F. Claeyssen2023:Warsaw 0
37 Applying Industrial Standard Development Techniques to Modified COTS Motors for use in Space - an Example Based on the Ingenuity Swashplate Motors R. Phillips, F. Costa2023:Warsaw 0
38 Triboelectric wind turbine for Mars exploration B. Pozo, E. Ryszawa, I. Quintana, I. Munoz, I. Arizaga, L. Galliard2023:Warsaw 0
39 Advances in Magnetic Gearing Topologies - How Easy Manufacturing is Realized Simultaneously with High Torque Density and Hollow Shaft Design G. Puchhammer, K. Radman2023:Warsaw 0
40 The HySICS Pointing System: a Two-Axis Gimbal Mounted to the ISS R. Rainy, R. Bolin, P. Brown, R. Lewis2023:Warsaw 0
41 Reed: The Manual M. Robroek, M. Kroon2023:Warsaw 0
42 Design of a Novel Eccentric Kinematic Hinge J. Sauder, C. Franklin2023:Warsaw 0
43 Development and manufacture of a proof-of-concept magnetically-geared actuator for use in extremely cold lunar environments J. Scheidler, P. Hoge, T. Tallerico, K. Whitling, A. Anderson, J. Hawk, S. Darmon, E. Montbach, D. Quade, M. Anderson2023:Warsaw 0
44 Lessons Learned from Design and Qualification of the Structural, Power, and Data Port (SPDP) J. Schlater, D. Suffern2023:Warsaw 0
45 Inspection of Separable Surfaces - Lessons Learned S. Schwarz, I. Koker, L. Gaillard, H. Langenbach2023:Warsaw 0
46 A new ball bearing cage to address cage instability C. Servais, S. Assouad, M. Palladino2023:Warsaw 0
47 Mechanical Design and Technology Demonstration of an Offset reflector Antenna A. Skrzynska, M. Corso, N. McGlashan, S. Brear, S. Hamer, V. Fraux2023:Warsaw 0
48 Integrated Flex Pivot Position Sensor P. Spanoudakis, L. Kiener, F. Boudoire, M. Crenna2023:Warsaw 0
49 Fast Steering Mirror for Line-of-Sight Stabilization P. Spanoudakis, J. Rouvinet, P. Schwab, Y. Regamey, J. Helfer2023:Warsaw 0
50 Pennzane(TM) Lubricant Compositions: The Pros and Cons of ?Heritage? Technology A. Stubbs, J. Galary2023:Warsaw 0
51 Dusty Environment And Robotics - Simulation and Optimization of the DEAR test chamber?s internal air flow with respect to simulant pick-up and distribution T. Tattusch, S. Ober, T. Maguire, R. Paul, A. Muller, V. Bohm, M. Pietras2023:Warsaw 0
52 Development of Non-Pyrotechnic Hold Down and Release Mechanisms for the James Webb Space Telescope D. Ewick, B. Child, G. Kaczynski2023:Warsaw 0
53 Reaction Wheel Actuator Development: Jumping from Hundreds to Thousands A. Wade, R. Jackson, J. Keeble, J. Orr2023:Warsaw 0
54 Intersatellite Separation Mechanism for Probe B2 as part of COMET Interceptor mission. Development, testing and lessons learned. K. Okulska-Gawlik, B. Wiertel, F. Perczynski, M. Wygachiewicz, A. Plenzler, A. Stepaniuk-Szwajewska2023:Warsaw 0
55 RWI Tubular Boom Antennas - Lessons Learned from the Development of a Flight Model for the ESA Juice Mission J. Grygorczuk, M. Tokarz, L. Wisniewski, T. Kucinski, M. Ossowski, K. Bochra, M. Bogonski, S. Jarzynka, P. Palma, E. Ryszawa, K. Jarocki, J. Wahlund, J. Bergman, Y. Kasaba, R. Le Letty2023:Warsaw 0
56 JUICE RIME Boom Deployment anomaly recovery R. Le Letty, D. Escolar, C. Erd, B. Doll, S. Pfohl, G. Chambon, Th. Blais, F. Faye2023:Warsaw 0

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