esmats: past papers

esmats:past papers

esmats: past papers is a full text searchable index of the papers presented since 1999. The papers are stored in pdf form and are free to download.

These papers contain a wealth of information and experience relating to the topic of space mechanisms and offer any designer in this field the opportunity to benefit from the shared knowledge.

This website contains copies of all ESMATS papers from Toulouse (1999), Liege (2001), San Sebastian (2003), Lucerne (2005), Liverpool (2007), Vienna (2009), Constance (2011), Noordwijk (2013), Bilbao (2015), Hatfield (2017), Munich (2019), Online (2021), and Warsaw (2023). Text entered in the following box will be compared against the Paper Title, List of Authors Names and the Full Symposium Paper text.

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*Copyright Notice*

The Proceedings of ESMATS are ESA copyright; but the content of the papers are the property of the original authors. Third-parties are allowed to download the papers but are responsible for contacting the individual authors and obtaining separate permission to use images or graphs from the papers.

Extracts may be used in other publications provided they are properly cited and the author(s) of the paper or papers acknowledged as the originators of the work.

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